The Proper Analysis Corporation is a "manager of managers", using multiple managers in every investment portfolio.

The Proper Analysis Corporation is dedicated to bringing the money management techniques employed by $100-million+ accounts to investors with $250,000 or more.

Typically, large pensions, endowments, family offices and foundations retain consultants to advise them and/or help them set policies concerning the following:

  • Investment objectives
  • Strategies to help meet those objectives
  • Asset allocation parameters
  • Implementation of strategies
  • Selection of multiple professional money managers
  • Performance monitoring

The Proper Analysis, a fee-only provider, renders these services on a cost-effective basis. The time-consuming and often difficult task of selecting specific individual securities is left to outside professional specialists, typically mutual fund managers. This allows the firm's principals to focus their efforts on the often-neglected (but ultimately far more important) issues listed above.

Financial markets have become increasingly dynamic and complex; a single money management firm would be hard-pressed to excel in all areas of investing. This is why the vast majority of ultra-wealthy families, endowments, foundations and large pensions employ many investment managers, most of whom are dedicated to specific segments of the capital markets. We believe that this is not only a sound policy but very logical as well.

Using multiple managers diversifies a portfolio not only across asset classes, but also across investment styles. This helps to reduce risk without reducing performance potential -- the essence of prudent money management.

Here is what The Proper Analysis can offer you:
  • An assessment of your financial condition.
  • Day-to-day discretionary management of your money, including handling all buying and selling of securities and all deposits and withdrawals into or from the investment portfolio.
  • A tax-efficient portfolio.
  • Simplified reporting for you and your accountant.
  • A portfolio plan that is keyed to your risk tolerance.
  • Access to professional specialists, chosen through a rigorous screening and interviewing process.
  • A personalized investment policy statement outlining your investment goals and objectives, and setting guidelines for asset management that protects your portfolio from undue risk.
  • Reports of all transactions as well as quarterly performance reports. Periodic meetings to discuss changes in your financial situation, changes in the financial markets and the structure and performance of your portfolio.

The Proper Analysis assists you in thinking strategically about your risk tolerance, your current financial situation and your financial goals. We can help you set investment objectives, then design and implement a plan to help you achieve these goals. We follow written disciplines approved by you. Importantly, we maintain objectivity, which tends to eliminate the often expensive tendency to react emotionally to changes in market conditions. We keep your overall long term financial picture in focus.

By taking advantage of our professional expertise you will have the potential to improve the total return on your portfolio. Relying on our firm, you provide for continuity in the management of your assets.

We invite you to contact The Proper Analysis for an initial consultation, at no obligation, to help you define your investment objectives and learn more about the various ways we can assist you in meeting your long-term goals.

A "Manager of Managers", Using Multiple Specialists In Every Portfolio