Our Process

From the day The Proper Analysis was founded, we have maintained a fee-only status which enables us to provide uncomprimising, independent, objective advice for our clients.  If you are interested in builidng a relationship with a firm that is committed to your interests, a firm with experience and a depth of credentialed professionals, we encourage you to explore working with The Proper Analysis.

  • Together we'll conduct a thorough review of your current holdings to guide you in the selection of an asset alloation strategy best suited to help you reach your future financial goals.  Think of it as an exercise in working toward focus and fiscal fitness.

  • Together we'll craft a written investment policy to clearly express your time horizon and tolerance for risk.  By using this plan, we can gauge whether we're on track and know when adjustments to your portfolio may be needed to assure you of a greater possibility for success.

  • Communication is welcomed and encouraged.  Please know that we have long-standing relationships with professionals who have extensive knowledge about estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning and accounting when you wish to address your needs in any of these areas.

    The Proper Analysis provides quarterly performance statements and your custodian will also provide monthly statements and trade confirmations.
  • We monitor your portfolilo's holdings as well as quarterly rebalancing, if necessary.

  • Personal meetings, conference calls or emails are welcomed as frequently as you want or need.  These meetings can be called to discuss changes in your life or your feelings about taking risk, changes you want to discuss in your overall investment plan or changes in your financial circumstances.  We are happy to answer your questions or concerns about current market conditions or about specific holdings in your portfolio.












A "Manager of Managers", Using Multiple Specialists In Every Portfolio