Our Fees

Schedule of Investment Management Fees

The Proper Analysis Corporation's investment management fees are based upon blended rates as follows:

Annual Rate               Market Value of Assets Under Management

    1.00%                              on the first  $    500,000 of assets
    0.90%                              on the next $    500,000 of assets
    0.80%                              on the next $ 1,000,000 of assets
    0.70%                              on the next $ 3,000,000 of assets
    0.30%                              on the next $ 5,000,000 of assets

Fees for investment management of funds over $10,000,000 are negotiable.

Investment management fees are billed quarterly in advance.

The fees charged by The Proper Analysis for discretionary investment management services are based on the value of assets managed. Fees are due quarterly and are payable in advance. Fees are never collected more than six months in advance. The total value of assets under management is calculated as of the last business day in the prior quarter. Fees on substantial additions to an investment portfolio are pro-rated. Fees on withdrawals in excess of $10,000 of the portfolio's value are pro-rated for reimbursement.

The fees and expenses that you pay to our firm for investment advisory services are separate and distinct from the fees and expense charged by mutual funds or exchange traded funds to their shareholders. These fees generally include a management fee and other fund expenses that we do not share. You will also incur transaction charges and/or brokerage fees when purchasing or selling some securities. We do not share in any portion of these transaction charges.

Proper Analysis's fees will be deducted directly from one of the client's accounts upon the concurrent presentation of a billing statement to the client and the account's custodian unless an alternate arrangement to be billed has previously been made in writing. A client's several accounts or affiliated clients' accounts are aggregated for the purpose of determining fees.

The Proper Analysis Corporation does not act as custodian for any client assets.

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