Meet The Team

 The Proper Analysis Corporation was founded in October 1992 after Bill Proper realized that most of his accounting clients were not getting the comprehensive, independent investment advice they clearly needed.  Frequently, they were following piecemeal plans that exposed them to much more risk than they realized and that led, all too often, to disappointing results.  In fact, it was his clients' persistent questions about investments that led Bill to seek a full-time partner with extensive experience in the securities field to provide the objective financial advice his clients so desperately needed.

Meanwhile, Anne Ogan, also observing that individuals' and small companies' needs for sophisticated investment strategies were not being met, wanted to find a partner to build an investment consulting firm to fill this void.  When Anne met Bill in July of 1992, they refined Bill's initial plans for providing the service and formed The Proper Analysis Corporation.  



A "Manager of Managers", Using Multiple Specialists In Every Portfolio